SAFELipo is considered by many experts to be a breakthrough in the evolution of liposuction, representing the future of body contouring. At Sieveking Plastic Surgery, we offer SAFELipo as a safe and highly effective, comprehensive body reshaping method that can provide patients with smoother, more dramatic and natural-looking results than other liposuction methods.

About SAFELipo

SAFELipo is a comprehensive, multi-step process that combines the benefits of liposuction, fat shifting and fat grafting. It was originally developed in response to the unique challenges presented by revision liposuction cases (patients who had undergone liposuction previously). It quickly became clear that the gentleness, precision, and ability to drastically reshape treated areas would benefit all body contouring patients.

How SAFELipo Works

In the past, one of the challenges we faced when performing liposuction was how to remove as much fat as possible without indentations, wavy skin, or other surface irregularities. The unique 3-step process of SAFELipo addresses that challenge and allows for extremely thorough liposuction without increasing the chances of these problems.

Step 1: Separation

The first step of the SAFELipo process is fat separation. During this step, the surgeon uses specially designed probes with or without power-assisted liposuction (PAL) to gently separate the targeted fat globules from one other. This also detaches them from the surrounding tissue without harming that tissue or the essential blood vessels in the area. The fat is loosened and emulsified without the damaging effects of the thermal energy utilized by some types of liposuction.

Step 2: Aspiration

Aspiration simply means removing the fat cells through suction. Since the fat is loosened, separated, and emulsified during the first step of the SAFELipo process, your surgeon can use smaller, gentler cannulas (tubes) to remove it without damaging the supporting structures. This makes for a quick and bloodless removal process, and allows the surgeon to leave a thin layer of healthy fat surrounded by undamaged tissues. The careful aspiration step also minimizes bruising, post-operative swelling, and internal scarring.

Step 3: Fat Equalization

This final step is critical in creating visibly superior long-term results. The remaining, thin layer of fat is equalized to create an even surface appearance, free from contour irregularities. Using special probes, your surgeon sculpts this underlying fat layer into a smooth blanket of local fat grafts, which prevents the dimples, lumps, and wavy skin that have been difficult to avoid with other liposuction techniques.


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