Women choose to undergo breast implant removal for multiple reasons. Whether the implants are old and need to be changed or you simply are unhappy with the appearance of your current implants, breast implant removal can correct the situation and help you to achieve the desired outcome you deserve.

What Is Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is the ideal procedure for women who are unhappy with their current breast implants. This choice can be for medical or cosmetic reasons. For instance, if an implant has ruptured or leaked, it is often medically imperative to have the implant removed, and the area cleaned. In other cases, the implants may change shape or position over time causing women to feel uncomfortable. Often times, women no longer desire the enhanced size of their breasts. In all such instances, breast implant removal can be a successful solution.

How is Breast Implant Removal Surgery Performed?

Using as few incisions as possible, Dr. Sieveking will remove the current implants from your breasts. If an implant is defected in one or more ways, the doctor will address any medical concerns or underlying issues. Once the implants are successfully and safely removed, your doctor has the option to leave only the natural tissue or replace the implants. If implants are not being reinserted your doctor will remove excess skin and position the breast tissue, skin, and nipple to be as symmetrical and youthful looking as possible.

Can I Replace My Breast Implant After Removal?

In some cases, women may wish to replace the breast implants with a different size, shape, or solution. This will be determined at your consultation. This is ideal for women who have had a ruptured or defective implant, as it allows you to address the faulty implant and replace it all at one time.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Breast Implant Removal?

You are a candidate for breast implant removal if you have experienced trauma or problems associated with your current implants. If you wish to get implants removed for health or cosmetic reasons, Dr. Sieveking will discuss your candidacy and options for the procedure at your initial consultation.

Breast Implant Illness

Breast Implant Illness (BII) is a term used by women who have breast implants and who self-identify and describe a variety of symptoms including (but not limited to) fatigue, chest pain, hair loss, headaches, chills, photosensitivity, chronic pain, rash, body odor, anxiety, brain fog, sleep disturbance, depression, neurologic issues and hormonal issues that they feel are directly connected to their saline or silicone, textured or smooth breast implants.
Our practice has extensive experience helping women with breast implant illness. Most women who report symptoms of breast implant illness opt to remove their implants without replacing them. The implants are removed en-block with their entire surrounding capsules to ensure complete removal of any and all implant material. We provide photos to the patient of the implants and the capsules. Once the implants are removed, the doctor addresses any loose skin that has become stretched out due to the implants. Our surgeons trim the breast skin and reshape the breast tissue for a beautiful, natural shape.


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