Online Wound Care Group (“OWCG”) delivers an efficient and effective wound care experience through an innovative, virtual care-enabled platform, increasing patient satisfaction through focused collaboration with primary care physicians, caregivers and patients.

Staffed with wound care experts, OWCG creates patient and wound-specific Clinical Care Protocols and for each protocol, recommends economical wound care supplies to support that can be priority delivered to any patient care setting.

Nick Sieveking, MD, CSWP, is the founder and chief medical officer of MyWoundDoctor®. In 2008, he started Plastic Surgery On Call, serving a hospital network of over 25 hospitals, providing wound care consultation and plastic surgery services for these acute care facilities in middle Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. As clinical lead of Online Wound Care Group, Dr. Sieveking provides world class clinical expertise to patients in need of wound care across the country.


OWCG offers patients telehealth evaluations of chronic, non-healing wounds and collaborates with affiliated company, MyWoundDoctor, Inc. (“MWD”) to deliver MWD’s RapidWoundReview™ wound imaging application service that responds immediately to a physician or patient-provided wound images through either the OWCG video visit or the MWD wound app (in both the Apple and Google app stores).


Reach out to OWCG today to get a personalized care plan for yours or a family member’s chronic wound.

The first step is to schedule a video RapidWoundReview™ with OWCG.

If you have questions, please contact our clinical team at (910) 310-4551, extension 2.

All communications between OWCG and patients are HIPAA secure and all patient information is confidential and not shared with any companies making wound care products.

Reach out to OWCG today to get a personalized care plan for yours or a family member’s chronic wound. Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial insurance coverage for all OWCG recommended treatments will vary based on the benefits available to the patient and the location of the patient being treated.