The Clinic of Ageless Solutions is the most comprehensive anti-aging clinic available to treat almost every aspect of the aging process and health from the inside out.

Deeply-Rooted Experience in Ageless Therapies

Dr. Sieveking’s anti-aging skills go even deeper as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who completed his training in general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery at Stanford University. After Stanford, he received additional training in Aesthetic Surgery in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paolo, Brazil. Originally trained in surgical anti-aging strategies, Dr. Sieveking is truly an expert in all treatments and solutions of age related issues. The credibility of a renowned plastic surgeon recommending functional strategies before or in partnership with surgical options has catapulted the Clinic’s reputation and set a standard of culture and leadership across the business. This double Board certification allows Dr. Sieveking to be the most complete anti-aging physician available to treat his patients’ health and age-related needs from the inside to the outside.

Regenerative Medicine at Sieveking Plastic Surgery

Weight Management

Peptides and IV Therapies

Hormone Replacement

Overall Health + Wellness

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  • Comprehensive Blood Panels
  • Food Allergy and Sensitivities
  • Various Gut Health Tests
  • Oxidative Stress Tests
  • Nutrient Deficiency Tests
  • Hormone Testing (adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones, etc.)
  • Genetic Tests

And more…


  • -Peptides and IV Therapies
  • 3-month Weight Loss Program
  • Individualized Counseling and Lifestyle Protocols

Meet Jan Stanley, RN, MS:
Ageless Solutions’ Wellness Practitioner

Her mission is to educate, counsel, and empower individuals to reach their highest potential in health and well-being. Let us optimize your health through state- of-the-art testing and assessments. Your results will determine specific lifestyle behaviors that can actually slow down the aging process and change the way your genes and DNA talk to your body.

Jan Stanley, RN, is a Master’s prepared Registered Nurse with over 38 years of experience in the healthcare field. Her involvement in healthcare ranged from acute patient care, hospital administrative positions to even owning her own practice as a Nutrition Health Specialist and Health Coach.

She has worked in the discipline of Functional Medicine for over 12 years. Jan completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Nursing from the University of Southern Maine with Cum Laude and Suma Cum Laude honors. She was a past member of Sigma Theta Tau, a national Nursing Honor Society.

“My role, as Wellness Practitioner, is to teach, motivate, and mentor those who wish to make positive lifestyle choices that lead them to optimal health and healing. Our approach, at Ageless Solutions, focuses on determining the root causes of a patient’s symptoms and providing individualized lifestyle protocols, nutraceuticals, and hormone balancing needed to restore optimal health.”

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