Sieveking Plastic Surgery of Nashville, TN offers waxing services to help you address the finer elements of rejuvenation and feel confident in your aesthetic appearance. As a method of hair removal that lasts longer than shaving or trimming alone, waxing removes the unwanted hair from the root. Our Aestheticians can treat a number of areas with waxing, including the eyebrows, bikini lines, face, legs, arms, back, abdomen, and feet.

Benefits of Waxing

With waxing, patients can remove hair for an extended period of time, with results lasting anywhere from a week to eight weeks. Waxing is often a good option for patients that may not be ready for laser hair removal, as it is not a permanent procedure and can give patients an idea of what the treated area may look like following a more permanent treatment.

Waxing Procedure

No anesthesia is required for the waxing procedure, which is performed in our Nashville, Tennessee office. One session of waxing typically takes 30 minutes, and results are noticeable immediately. The skin in and around the treatment area may be pink and tender for a day or two following the procedure.


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