A Mommy Makeover is designed to help you address the toll pregnancy often takes on your body. Yes, you can exercise and change your diet, but you still may want to see more physical improvement. A mommy makeover can offer the change you need.

Mommy Makeover – The Basics

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body, affecting your breasts, tummy, legs and more. After nine month (or more, if nursing) you are probably longing for your pre-baby body. Whether you choose a healthy regimen of diet and exercise, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, cosmetic procedures or all of the above, you might also consider a Mommy Makeover in Nashville, TN to get back in shape.

A mommy makeover in Nashville, TN typically combines several procedures into a single session surgery

The procedures often include:

While this is a great way to take care of two of the biggest post-pregnancy complaints in one operation, it’s important to remember that combining procedures leads to longer surgery time and potentially a greater risk of complications.

A mommy makeover may also include:

  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Cellulite treatments
  • Stretch mark elimination

What’s involved with a mommy makeover in Nashville, TN?

Here are some more details about the procedures typically included in a mommy makeover in Nashville, TN. Keep in mind, your makeover may not include all of these and you and your plastic surgeon will design a plan that works for you.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck permanently restores firmness to the stomach and removes any loose skin. During the procedure, an incision is made at the pubic bone (your scar, once healed, will be concealed by bathing suits and underwear) through which your Nashville, TN plastic surgeon will tighten up the muscles. Small pockets of fat can be removed with liposuction. Once the muscles are tightened, some doctors like to make the muscles as tight as possible so that the stomach will keep its new shape as long as possible and the excess skin is removed.

Depending on the extent of your particular post-pregnancy concerns, there are a variety of tummy tuck procedures that treat different degrees of muscle and skin laxity. Some procedures are performed with limited incisions and leave shorter scars.

Women who have had C-sections (or Cesarean sections) are in luck – your Nashville, TN plastic surgeon can either use or remove that incision while performing the tummy tuck, so you will have only one scar.

Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement – such as augmenting with implants or a breast lift – can restore shape and size to your breasts, even making them bigger and fuller than they were before you got pregnant.

Breast Lift

If you’re satisfied with the size of your breasts but you just want them to sit a little higher, then a breast lift may be the surgical solution for you. Breasts sag after pregnancy because of stretched-out skin and underlying supporting tissue. Breast appearance can be improved by removing excess skin.

To restore pre-pregnancy perkiness, a breast lift reduces the excess skin and remodels the breast tissue so it can assume a higher position. There are a variety of breast incision placement options, and some women can benefit from newer, more limited incision techniques that allow for smaller and perhaps fewer incisions for less scarring. Regardless of the approach, your plastic surgeon deems best for you, it’s important to know that all breast lift surgery results in scars that typically go from the nipple down to the breast crease, and possibly along the breast crease as well.

Breast Implants

If you’re happy with the position of your breasts but you’d like them to be a little fuller, implants can help replace the breast tissue that diminishes after having a baby, and may even be able to eliminate the need for a breast lift as long as you have healthy, elastic skin and no excessive drooping. In addition to enhancing breast size, implants can also help restore pre-pregnancy firmness.

Liposuction Nashville, TN- Fat Removal

Liposuction alone can remove fat, but it cannot do anything to treat stretched muscles or extra skin. That’s why liposuction is often performed in conjunction with the Tummy Tuck to accentuate the waist and add definition to the abdomen. This is a crucial part of any Mommy Makeover in Nashville, TN. A nicely contoured waist blends into the flattened abdomen in a natural way. Likewise, a narrowed waist complements the proportions created by the breast procedure. The result is a body that looks much like what the patient had prior to her pregnancy or pregnancies.

Is a mommy makeover in Nashville, TN for you?

Each mommy makeover is different and the procedures can be designed to meet your specific needs and desires. Working with your Nashville, TN plastic surgeon, you can develop the right mommy makeover to get the results you want.