Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery in Nashville, TN

As part of the aging process the skin of the face and neck progressively loses its elasticity and there is loss of volume in the midface as well as descent of the soft tissues. The effect of this process is to cause the cheeks to become less prominent, the nose to mouth lines to deepen, the jawline to sag giving rise to jowls and the skin of the neck to fall into loose folds. This changes the appearance of the face from being heart shaped, as it is in youth, to more square as you get older. Around the eyes the eyebrows may droop and the skin in the eyelids tends to drape giving a hooded appearance.

These changes can be addressed surgically with a face and neck lift which may also be combined with surgery to the eyelids. Our approach to facelifting is to rejuvenate your face and neck with a fresh youthful look and certainly avoid a tight or operated appearance.

Before a facelift in Nashville, TN, Sieveking Plastic Surgery board certified plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon offers neck lift and face lift.Facelift and neck lift in Nashville, TN, plastic surgery by a board certified plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgery, brow lift, eyelid surgery and more.

What can be done?

There are several operations that can be done to rejuvenate the aging face which are referred to as facelifting. In the facelift operation the scars are designed to be well hidden. The skin of the temples, cheek and neck is tightened upwards and backwards. In addition the layer of muscle-like tissue which lies underneath the skin (SMAS layer) is also lifted in a similar way to give a longer lasting and natural result. This also improves facial shape returning it to a more youthful outline without giving a pulled or tight appearance.

The decision as to which type of facelift is performed will depend on your particular requests, the anatomy of your face and the effect that aging has played on your facial appearance. The latter may be assessed with the help of photographs taken ten years or so before and also from your youth which you will be requested to bring to the consultation.

Often the main concern is the neck area. If there is a lot of loose skin or separation of the muscles producing two bands, then a neck lifting procedure may be required. This can usually be performed through the facelift incisions so tightening the neck muscles to a more youthful appearance. Occasionally a small scar, hidden beneath the chin, may also be required to tighten the neck muscles centrally.

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