Does a Facelift Make Sense Before 50 – Nashville, TN

Facelift before 50 Facial aging varies greatly depending on factors like whether you smoke, but in general there are good reasons most board certified plastic surgeons aren't performing the traditional, full facelift for Nashville, TN patients younger than their late 40s / early 50s. Typically the biggest reason [...]

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Neck Lift Surgery – Facelift Nashville, TN

What is Neck Contouring Surgery? Neck contouring creates a firmer, smoother and more refined appearance to the neck and chin. Even without making any other changes to the face, improving a thick, wrinkled or sagging neck can dramatically improve a one’s appearance, helping a patient look years younger or even as though he [...]

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What is Facelift Surgery – Nashville, TN

What is Facelift Surgery? Facelift surgery lifts and firms sagging facial tissues to restore a more naturally youthful facial appearance. It is often said that having a facelift works to “turn back the clock,” helping a patient look like a younger version of him or herself. By removing excess, sagging skin, smoothing deep [...]

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Types of Facelifts – Nashville, TN

What types of facelifts are there? Cutaneous (skin only) Facelift The traditional facelift has been performed for many years. It is a technique where the skin is lifted from the underlying tissues and tightened backwards and upwards. While the overall facial appearance will be improved there is no improvement [...]

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