Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant Selection

Once the decision to receive a breast augmentation has been made, the next step is generally to determine the type, size, and shape of the patient’s breast implants. Due to the magnitude of this decision, I’ve provided a few of my recommendations for selecting breast implants.

Breast Implant Options

Silicone implants will always give a softer look and feel when compared to saline. They are very durable and should last a very long time. They do not need to be replaced every 10 years, and patients do not need MRI scans every three years. Silicone implants are very safe, and in my opinion, safer than saline implants which tend to rupture on average at 15 years. Silicone implants are also filled in the factory under completely sterile conditions. Saline implants are filled in the operating rooms where the possibility of trace contamination of the saline fluid exists.

If the plastic surgeon plans on using a natural-fitting implant and does not try to make the patient’s breasts too big, smooth round silicone implants will give the most natural look and feel with the fewest long-term problems. Although “teardrop” shaped or anatomical implants sound like the most natural-looking implants, they are actually harder and don’t move like a natural breast. They also have a strong potential for mal-position where the thicker part of the implant shifts to the wrong part of the breast.

My key to achieving a natural-looking and complication-free result is to pay attention to the patient’s natural dimensions and use an implant that fits the patient; never make the patient fit an implant that is too large.

Why Size Matters

My breast augmentation patients choose me because I am known in Nashville, TN for getting natural-looking results by using appropriately-sized implants. Typically, if someone wants to look really big and fake, they don’t come to me. Once women are done having children, the goal is generally to set back the clock and make the breast more perky and firm, not extraordinarily large. I try to get the point across to all my patients that breast implants may very well last a lifetime. One has to get a result that makes them happy now, and keeps them happy for 40 years or more. Going too big is not going to satisfy that goal.

Remember, if you go too big in the beginning, it is a more involved surgery with more scars and more risks to reduce the breast size later. If a patient, by chance, wants to be a “little bigger” after their initial breast implant surgery, that is a easy and relatively inexpensive procedure, without extra scars.

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