I’m not usually a review writer, but after my experience with Dr. Sieveking, I felt he was worthy of the praise he truly deserves. Not only is Dr. Sieveking a fantastic (Nashville native, Vanderbilt and Stanford-trained) plastic surgeon (which is apparent to anyone who does their research on his education), but his bedside manner was impeccable. He is kind hearted, patiently & thoroughly answered all of my questions, and seemed to truly care about my concerns. I had a facelift with Dr. Sieveking after he was referred to me by 2 different friends in Belle Meade whom had (truly) excellent results and had nothing but great things to say about he and his staff. Upon my visit, I was told that Dr. Sieveking’s nurses have been with him for over 8 years and are top-notch, and easy to talk to. My surgical process and fees were outlined clearly and considerately, and after meeting with 3 doctors before making a decision, it was clear to me that Dr. Sieveking was my surgeon. I’m so glad I made that decision (as are my 2 friends, who celebrate our finally getting our aging faces back to their more youthful state!) I feel so thankful and thrilled that I made this choice and took the advice of my friends whom, themselves, had the results to prove his expertise. Two of us recently went to a reunion and people couldn’t believe how well we’d “held up”…if they only knew it was at the hands of one of Nashville, TN’s best. Dr. Sieveking, if you ever read this – I am so thankful!! See you at my 2-month followup! – I’d recommend you to anyone out there who wants truly quality surgery with a truly caring surgeon & staff. When Dr. Orcutt (his partner) retires, (which is rumored, I guess!) that practice will remain in the hands of one of the best out there. Thanks, Dr. Nick!



After an absolutely terrible experience with another well known local surgeon (pain, excessive bleeding, and very poor aesthetic outcome), Dr. Sieveking did a wonderful job of repairing the worst looking breasts that I could have imagined. His office staff is great, he couldn’t have been kinder himself, and the pain during a small touch up in the office was so minimal I was shocked. Being a nurse myself, I’m very aware of good vs bad healthcare, and Dr. Sieveking is truly one of the best surgeons in Nashville. And no, he didn’t pay me to say that:)


Facelift – Nashville, TN Patient Review

I can’t say enough good about Dr. Sieveking. He is most caring, and takes all the time needed to listen to all your questions and concerns. His work is impeccable. His bed side manner is second to none. He seems to truly care about you as a person and a patient.I had done an enormous amount of research spanning over a year before I made my decision on a surgeon. I had it narrowed down to 2 and had visited Dr Sieveking 3 times before booking my surgery. He didn’t mind at all, and took all the time needed to answer my every question.If your considering a facelift, upper and lower eye surgery, do yourself a favor and use this doctor! I have a very natural result that took about 15 years off my appearance !!!! Wow it just don’t get any better than that! :o)



He was amazing. He gave me my life back after revising the work another doctor had done. He is very skilled and has a great eye. He had me return to the office probably 6 times over the course of many months to check on my healing. He really cares about you and his work. My surgery gave me my life back! Thanks Dr. Sieveking!  J.M

This was my first surgery and I was extremely frightened. However Dr. Sieveking was the most patient, honest and informative surgeon. He took a lot of time to put all of my worries to rest and thoroughly answer all of my questions. I would not dream of seeing any other plastic surgeon outside of Dr. Sieveking. He over delivers with beautiful results! I feel and look like a new woman… his work has changed my life!!!!!! -Anonymous

Dr.Sieveking performed a Chin Augmentation surgery to correct the appearance of a weak chin due to bone loss in my jaw from arthritis. He restored my chin to a very realistic shape and profile because he was very conscious about my desire to look natural. He did an absolutely beautiful job and was a true joy to work with. He was kind, patient, thorough and really listened to my needs before, during , and after procedure. I would highly recommend him and his staff, and am grateful that he restored me back to confidence. -Anonymous

Dr. Sieveking was wonderful, the manner in which he explains your surgery is not only professional, but in a very kind and caring way. I could not have chosen a more competent physician. He explained my whole procedure and once I arrived I was totally at ease. I had been bullied most of my life for having small breasts and finally decided to do something about it. Dr. Sieveking was my first Dr. to see and he remained the only Dr. for me. I cancelled my other appointments, after feeling very at ease with him and his whole staff are terrific. My surgery went well and I will most defiantly consult him in the future for things that may need taken care of with the whole aging process. Thank you so very much for your kindness and exterpise as a terrific surgeon. God bless everyone at your office, you all are terrific. -P.K.

Dr. Sieveking performed my face and neck lift as well as my eyelid surgeries a few years ago when I turned 55. I have been thrilled with my results, and my family and friends are amazed at how I appear to have held on to 40! I am very proud of my appearance and have confidence in my look, but I needed help on the inside. After a thorough clinical evaluation and blood testing at Sieveking Ageless Solutions, I was found to have several issues relating to hormonal imbalance and low thyroid function. Even though I am early in my anti-aging therapies at Sieveking Ageless Solutions, I am feeling an inward healing that matches how I look on the outside. Dr. Sieveking is truly dedicated to treating inside and out.— D.B.