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( – Runner’s Face. Not referring to the aggressive face an athlete makes prior to crossing that finish line.  Runner’s face generally occurs in both men and women ages 40+ who exercise to improve their body, and in doing so end up with a skeletal and bony face. When exercising, an athlete burns off fat beneath the layers of his/her skin. The marked loss of fatty tissue results in a loss of volume which leads to a prominent appearance of the bones, accelerated development of skin laxity and deepening of wrinkles. Though you may look like a 20-year-old from the neck down-your face will easily give away your age. If your skin has taken a beating from pounding the pavement, there are ways to chase those wrinkles away. Runners often have wrinkles for reasons other than running itself. Many runners spend long hours outdoors without proper sun protection, so the wrinkles are a result of sun exposure. Runners are also often people who have lost a lot of weight, so the wrinkles are from the skin that was previously filled with fat.

“There are several solutions to rejuvenating gaunt, aged skin which has developed wrinkles or volume loss,” explains Nashville, TN Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Sieveking. Dr. Sieveking is not criticizing women who run; he is simply making them aware of the consequences of pounding the pavement.  “Rejuvenating your appearance can include both surgical and non-surgical procedures.” A combination of Botox and injectable fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm Ultra and Radiesse can smooth wrinkles and restore fullness to the face, while further preventing signs of aging. Botox treatments can target lines in the brows or around the mouth, but the result typically lasts about three to four months. Injectable filler treatments to restore volume provide results which last at least a year, and often much longer than that. “In some patients, I’ve seen Botox last the full four months, but I’ve also seen instances where results have only lasted two months – everyone is different,” says Dr. Sieveking. Dr. Sieveking’s experience has proven that Juvederm and Radiesse usually last about twelve to sixteen months. Restylane, which is used mostly for finer lines and wrinkles, not deeper contours, tends to last for six to twelve months. For Runner’s Face, Dr. Sieveking’s recommendation for filling is Juvederm Ultra, which can restore volume to chin, cheeks, and cheekbones that become hollow or thin due to weight loss or age-related facial fat loss. This product reliably lasts up to 18 months.  “Fat grafting would be the best option for natural, long-lasting restoration would be the best option for natural, long-lasting restoration of volume loss in this group of patients, but unfortunately in this group of patients there is typically very little to no fat in other areas to take from.”  Non-invasive treatments like chemical peels, laser skin tightening, photodynamic therapy, portrait plasma regeneration assist in eradicating the lines formed within the skin itself, such as around the mouth, and greatly contribute to producing a more youthful appearance.  For true correction of sagging skin, more invasive procedures may be required. Eyes tend to show the first signs of aging, an eyelid lift or brow lift will rejuvenate the eye area and take years off your face.

Dr. Nicholas Sieveking is a board certified plastic surgeon who completed his training in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Stanford University. After Stanford, he received additional fellowship training in Aesthetic Surgery in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil. In addition to his plastic surgery board certification, Dr. Sieveking is also board certified with advanced fellowship training in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. This double board certification enables Dr. Sieveking to be the most complete anti-aging surgeon and physician to treat his patients age-related needs, from the inside to the outside. Dr. Sieveking’s comprehensive solo practice includes advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, state of the art cosmetic laser and skin care services, Bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, medically-supervised weight loss programs, and cutting edge laboratory testing for hormone, amino acid, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies as well as toxin analysis and food and chemical sensitivities testing.

Dr. Sieveking has operated and lectured around the world on topics of facelifts, breast surgery, and cleft lip and palate repair. He has authored a chapter on Rhinoplasty in one of the major training textbooks for plastic surgery residents. In 2012 and 2013, he was voted “Top Plastic Surgeon in Nashville” in two Readers Polls by the citizens of Nashville, TN.

Source: Do You Have ‘Runners Face?’

Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Facelifts & Nose Surgery – What You Must Know Before You Decide: Dr Lycka & Dr Sieveking

Facelift surgery is the ultimate anti-aging treatment, and as with any surgery, it should not be entered into lightly.  And the same goes for a ‘nose job’ – aka rhinoplasty surgery. Both surgeries require careful thought and planning beforehand, and need an experienced and artistic plastic surgeon to perform them. Questions and uncertainty are rife with these two procedures so this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today we are talking with a renowned plastic surgeon who specializes in them, to help inform you and put your mind at rest. So Dr Nicholas Sieveking, from his Nashville, Tennessee practice talks with Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today show host, Edmonton-based cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka and the two doctors talk in-depth about facelift surgery, planning, and recovery. Read full article.

Do I Need a Facelift?

Between the age of 40 to 60 the aging process makes the face and neck sag. The skin gets less elastic, muscles become weaker and gravity pulls it all down. Skin on eyelids develops into folds, wrinkles deepen at the corner of the mouth. The area droops and the jaw line becomes floppy. The angle between the neck and chin become less clearly defined. How quickly this happens depends largely on genes, although smoking and exposure to sun can accelerate the process.

The Term Facelift Covers Various Procedures

People often want to know how long the effects last and in research, in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, answers this question by using standardized measuring techniques and a validated rating system. In this study, 50 people who had had a facelift after 2001 had facial measurements taken by a computer, as well as before and after photographs assessed by five independent raters. The study found that five and a half years after surgery, 76% of people still looked younger than before their facelifts. The neck sagged the most after surgery and the improvement of the angle between the chin and neck seen after the facelift was observed to have reduced in two-thirds of people. In the hands of an experienced surgeon side-effects should be rare, but a list of possible consequences from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons includes skin discoloration and sensation loss. The “wind tunnel” look of wide eyes and mouth should not occur with a good board certified plastic surgeon in Nashville, TN.

Facelift before 50

Facial aging varies greatly depending on factors like whether you smoke, but in general there are good reasons most board certified plastic surgeons aren’t performing the traditional, full face lift for Nashville, TN patients younger than their late 40s / early 50s. Typically the biggest reason is the fact that at this point you’re only beginning to see the “big” signs of aging that a facelift treats – nasolabial folds (also known as “parentheses”), muscle laxity, and drooping of facial fat and skin.

Other Options for Nashville, TN, Patients Younger Than 50

Younger patients may be better off with one of these options for the time being:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic / DYSPORT® injections (to smooth dynamic wrinkles)
  • Injectable fillers (to fill out facial hollows and improve fine lines)
  • Laser treatments (to improve skin texture, reducing both dynamic and static wrinkles)
  • Mini facelift (to tighten skin and muscle enough, but not too much)

In general, if you feel that your Nashville, TN, board certified plastic surgeon is pushing for “too much too soon,” follow your instinct and ask “why.”

Nashville, Tennessee, plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Sieveking — who also doesn’t call the actress a patient — agrees, saying the “surgery has left her nasal tip and nostrils uneven and the dorsum [nasal ridge] a bit crooked.”

NOSE – While Debra has never looked anything short of gorgeous, “An apparent rhinoplasty has given her nose an ‘operated on’ look,” observes Nashville, TN plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Sieveking.

JAWLINE – “It looks as if she’s had fillers in the prejowl area [on either side of the chin] that made her jaw appear more square,” says Nashville’s Dr. Sieveking.

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20 questions to ask before your Nashville, TN facelift

How To Diet For Clear Skin Without Acne

It’s easy to overlook our gut as the source of skin troubles. But if the well-being of our internal organs and energy levels are determined by what we put in our mouths, why shouldn’t the same be true for our skin?

Our friend and Stanford-trained, board certified plastic surgeon in Nashville, TN, Dr. Nicholas Sieveking, agrees. An unhealthy gut can often trigger the signs of aging and unhealthy skin that we all look to avoid. “Any disruption can create inflammation, affecting the integrity and protective function of the skin,” Dr. Sieveking explained.

Did you know an unhealthy gut can lead to a drop in the power of the skin to fight infection and inflammation? Research shows that small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), a condition involving inappropriate growth of bacteria in the small intestine, is ten times more prevalent in people with acne rosacea, and that a correction of gut flora led to marked clinical improvement in their skin conditions.

Dr. Sieveking explained the impact of gut flora in our bodies. The expert shared that altered gut flora can activate the release of substance P — a neuropeptide produced in the gut, brain and skin that plays a major role in inflammatory skin conditions like eczema.

An unhealthy gut can result in many issues such as maldigestion and the malabsorption of proteins, fats, carbs and vitamins, but these problems also show up in our skin. “SIBO can lead to nutritional deficiencies including vitamin B12, as well as vitamins A, D, E and K, which are all critical for optimal skin health and overall good health. An imbalance of stomach acid can result in the overgrowth of ‘bad’ bacteria in the colon, which can lead to acne as well,” the expert noted.

But thankfully, correcting your gut flora and establishing a healthy glow, both on the inside and out, doesn’t need to be complicated. Check back this week to learn the five easy steps you can take to start the healing process.

Source: Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin: How To Diet For Clear Skin Without Blemishes

Exilis Elite and HydraFacial in Nashville, TN

New Treatments To Trim Fat & Rejuvenate Skin For 2016!

Who can blame anyone for getting out of their gym routine and into a complete holiday rut? We feast so much during this time of year that fitness can quickly get put on the back-burner. But that glittery party dress for New Year’s has to fit and we have to look fresh-faced, no matter what!

So if you’re in the market for a New Year’s cheat-sheet to slim down and freshen up, consider these cosmetic treatment crib notes, courtesy of Dr. Nicholas Sieveking, a board certified plastic surgeon and director of Ageless Solutions in Nashville, TN.

2 Weeks Before New Year’s – Skin Tightening & Fat Reduction – Exilis™ therapy in Nashville, TN

In the market to spruce up the area around the eyes, neck, jowls, abdomen, upper arms, thighs or love handles? Who isn’t? But if you’re looking for a quick fix, Dr. Sieveking suggests Exilis Elite. This is a new treatment for skin tightening and fat reduction. This FDA-approved treatment is an alternative to liposuction and plastic surgery to achieve smoother, tighter skin, or contouring in certain areas.

This is the latest technology in skin tightening and fat reduction. How does it work? “Collagen production is stimulated and as the area cools, it results in the tightening of the skin,” the physician described. “Patients equate the heat felt during an Exilis treatment to the heat similar to a hot stone massage,” he said. Dr. Sieveking recommends approximately 6 treatments per area. Each session can take 1-2 hours, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

1 Week Before New Year’s – HydraFacial in Nashville, TN

What better way to get 2016 ready than by rejuvenating your skin? The HydraFacial is new aesthetic technology. Dr. Sieveking says this isn’t your at-home facial. “This ability to moisturize the skin separates this option from all other skin resurfacing procedures. The HydraFacial treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing solutions,” he explained. The treatment is immediately effective and has little to no downtime.

Source: New Year’s Skin Care Countdown: New Treatments To Trim Fat & Rejuvenate Skin For 2016


Expert Shares New Treatments To Trim Fat & Rejuvenate Skin For 2016

New Year’s Eve is one month away, a fact that can send shivers down a girl’s spine if one is not Instagram ready and that little black dress isn’t quite zipping! With the clock ticking down, how can we get “no filter” ready and slimmer in one month without a strict diet, exercise or surgery? There’s just no time!

We tapped Dr. Nicholas Sieveking, a board certified plastic surgeon and director of Ageless Solutions in Nashville, TN with this exact question. Check out his New Year’s rejuvenation treatment tips for those who are opting for a little beauty pick-me-up to get their New Year’s resolutions started.

One month before New Year’s

LipoLean Injections

Ever heard of these injections? They aren’t Botox! This is a combination of vitamins and amino acids that help the body metabolize fat, detoxify and cleanse the body as well as protect it from free radicals that cause premature aging. “Leucine is an essential amino acid which cannot be produced naturally in the bod, but must be obtained from a dietary source or a supplement,” Dr. Sieveking explained. “Another ingredient, Inositol, helps stabilize blood sugar and prevent food cravings. Consider it as well if you’re looking for a little B12 for energy,” he noted.

Vanquish Fat Removal

If you haven’t had time to hit the gym, fear not. This is a new state of the art, noninvasive fat removal and fat reduction procedure that eliminates unwanted belly fat. “We can vanquish fat reduction using safe RF technology to destroy the fat cells. Vanquish can help you lose 2-4 inches in 4-6 treatments and can eliminate fat without the ‘side effects’ associated with liposuction or gastric bypass,” the doctor explained.

This new procedure does not require anesthesia either, eliminating the risk of infection or the need for recovery time. “The Vanquish procedure takes 30 minutes, so you can return to work immediately without interrupting your lifestyle. I recommend 4 treatments to enjoy the maximum benefits,” the expert suggested..

More on what Nashville, TN plastic surgeon, Dr. Sieveking recommends for the 3-week and 2-week countdown until the ball drops, coming this week!

Source: New Year’s Skin Care Countdown: Expert Shares New Treatments To Trim Fat & Rejuvenate Skin For 2016